6381 Stamford Green Dr., Niagara Falls, ON, Canada L2J 1T5

Carman Dix

Born and raised in Niagara, this self-taught artist has been painting all his life. What started as a childhood passion has grown into success painting for the corporate world. Over the years a variety of companies from small boutiques to large international firms like Cargill Foods have commissioned Carman for a variety of paintings destined for the corporate lobbies and boardrooms or as limited edition prints for key employees and awards for years of service. Corporate commissions might seem the natural choice for this M.B.A. graduate, yet his blend of detail and stylized mood are equally at home in galleries or private art collections.

Carman spent much of his career learning and developing his craft while working as a professional concept artist, 3D modeler and an Art Director within the entertainment industry. From concept to overall direction, Carman is determined to push the lighting and mood of his art from what he has learned. A consummate realist, Carman’s paintings blend enough detail to capture the viewer’s belief, with enough stylized feel to express mood.

Latest painting

First Love

"My very first painting was in oil. After many years painting in watercolour and acrylic I find it ironic that I’ve come full circle to the oil medium that I love. I love the expression oil painting allows me. Oil has an inherent desire to blend. I love both the boldness and whimsy of applying thick paint, and the impact created by the size of a large canvas. I believe that lighting is everything. I enjoy detail but my realism has a stylized feel that aspires to set a mood and immerse the viewer within the painting."

Niagara Vineyards watercolours

Painted as a tribute to the Niagara wine region, the “Niagara Vineyard” series of watercolour paintings highlight the grapes and seasonal colours of the Niagara area with the focal colour and majesty of the cardinal. Limited edition prints can be found both on-line and at many of the finer framing and gallery shops in Niagara.


Oil on canvas

Oil painting was his first love and now he has returned to that medium with a passion. From moody street scenes to reflective figures in imaginary window settings, Carman’s recent paintings are oil on canvas. The paintings continue to express his signature notes of detail and lighting as he pushes the viewer within. A smaller canvas, “Galerie d’ Artvine” is large in its interesting little details, immersing viewers within an imaginary, narrow and moody Parisian street. On a larger canvas, it’s easy to fall into the world created in “the pillow and pearl” painting. Detail first captures the focus of the viewer which then fades to the serenity of loose brush strokes and thick paint that surround the woman in reflective thought.

Pillow and Pearl