in Studio with artist Carman Dix

Born and raised in Niagara, this self-taught artist has been painting all of his life.  What started as a childhood passion has grown into success painting for the corporate world.  Corporate commissions might seem the natural choice for this M.B.A. graduate, yet his blend of colour, style, artistry and eye for detail are equally at home in executive boardrooms, galleries, Niagara wineries or private art collections.  

Carman has spent much of his artistic career as an Art Director in the entertainment industry but has always held true to both his passions of painting and showcasing Niagara.  

Carman has a certain fondness for vineyard settings in Niagara-on-the-Lake and, in particular, the local grapes and the seasonal colour changes in Niagara.  In truth, most people quickly look for the subject mix of grapes and cardinals, so common to the Niagara Region, as the true 'signature' of a Carman Dix painting.  winery pic

Although highly detailed, Carman's paintings render a stylized impression of the natural world. Many of his paintings were of watercolour, acrylic or a mix of both mediums. Enjoying both the freedom of a larger canvas size and the wonderful warmth of the medium, his newest paintings are in oil - curiously coming full circle as his first painting as a child was an oil painting on canvas.

Carman will usually work on 2 or more paintings at a time.  Each painting is in a different stage of development and seems to offer "a nice break" in production to recharge, and help plan solutions to the frustrating problems that sometimes arise during mid production.  A few 'work in progress' samples are illustrated further on the STUDIO page.

It's not uncommon to see Carman walking through various vineyards with sketchbook and camera in hand.  Unlike most painters, Carman's paintings are as likely to be found hanging in the galleries and shops of Niagara's finest wineries as they are to be found in traditional art galleries.