Fall into the imaginary world created in “pillow and pearl”.  I invite you to fade into the serenity of a woman in reflective thought.  Original oil painting on canvas.

At 30" x 40" tall, I had some fun painting on a decent size canvas. My very first painting was in oil. After many years painting in watercolour and acrylic I find it ironic that I’ve come full circle to the oil medium that I love. I love the expression oil painting allows me. Oil has an inherent desire to blend. I love both the boldness and whimsy of applying thick paint, and the impact created by the size of a large canvas.  

Although I wanted enough brush detail to capture the viewers eye, I enjoyed letting loose with thick paint, dabbed and slapped with a knife falling off to the edges. It was also a quick lesson that large canvases and textured surfaces are difficult to clearly express on social media.